Daily Inspiration That Can Help You Have A Positive Start to Your Day

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The morning Defeat

With all the day-to-day busyness going on I can often find myself waking up already in a mood, or frustrated with the amount of things I  know I need to get done or want to accomplish in a day but it seems impossible. I wake up already feeling defeated. What a way to start the day. No wonder I’m not a morning person. I have always liked my sleep and I enjoyed going to bed late and sleeping in during my younger days. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anymore when you have a family and you also realize the earlier you get up the more time in your day you have to get the one thousand things on your to-do list done. And again, no wonder I’m not a morning person. 

It’s time to change that narrative. A few years back when the kids were really young, my job was taking a lot of time at work and at home.  I decided I wanted to start my day off on the right foot. I think that’s why I started to create things like “Mirror Mindset” and “30 Days of Me.”

 A lot of changes have happened over the last while and I’ve forgotten some of the little things I used to do that helped me welcome the day instead of fight the morning and what lay ahead. I want to wake up feeling good. I remembered yoga and daily readings/devotionals were my answers back then. I’ve added yoga back into my life, but where had the daily devotionals gone?

let’s Get that Positive Start Back

It’s time to go back to welcoming the morning even if it isn’t the morning sun I’m welcoming ESPECIALLY when the mornings are dark and dreary (which seems to be half of the year or more where I live now) during certain times of the year. 

Just the other day I was cleaning off the stack of books and other things on my nightstand and found a book in the stack. I hadn’t bothered to pick it up in a long time. It was a book of daily readings on self-care. I bought it for my friends in our “Favorites gift exchange” and of course, I had to do the one for me and one for you thing, so I bought one for myself. I decided to crack it open and I’m happy I did.

Just What I needed

I opened the book and turned to the page that was meant for that day’s reading. And like always I felt like it was speaking to me. The words for the day were exactly what I needed to hear. Now the book is sitting right next to my bedside, so I don’t forget about it. I look forward to what it will say the next day, so much so, that I have to try not to get myself to look ahead. I like a little surprise. 

This book of inspirational daily readings is called A Year of Self Care: Daily Practices and Inspiration for Caring for Yourself by Dr. Zoe Shaw. Do you have a daily devotional or daily reading that you read every day? I have quite a few. I’ve been known to keep a few on my bedside table and pick up the one that feels right for that day. They can be religious or not, but I find all of them have some little positive nugget to share each day. Some of them are better than others. And yes, I do tend to skip days and I don’t usually go back. I figure I’ll come across that day again maybe the following year. 

Devotionals and Books of Inspirational Messages

I often thought that daily devotionals were only religious, but it doesn’t have to be. You can probably find them about anything you want and can take many forms. I’ve seen them on daily tear-off calendars, books, journals, and more. I do have quite a few religious devotionals lying around. Many were gifts and I do have quite a few from a particular author because I find the daily messages quite helpful and useful. 

After you read this blog post maybe you’ll decide to go out and buy yourself a daily devotional or daily readings with some inspiration that will help you start each day with a positive message that you need to hear in your life. 

Daily Inspirational books

Here’s a list of the daily devotion and inspirational books I have in my house.

For Women:

  1. A Little God Time for Mothers: This one is probably my favorite. It was given to me as a gift like many others. I’ve bought several others for myself, my kids, and as gifts for others.
  2. A Little God Time for Women
  3. A Little God Time for Teachers
  4. Hugs: Daily Devotional for Mothers
  5. Love Out Loud by Joyne Meyer: Joyce Meyer has many devotional books available.
  6. Your Best Life by Jole Osteen
  7. A Year of Self-Care: Daily Practices and Inspiration for Caring for Yourself by Dr. Zoe Shaw. My new favorite!
  8. Positivelypresent.com. This is the newest thing I stumbled upon. I follow her on Instagram for all of her daily positive messages. Recently, I discovered all of the colorful inspirational goodness she offers in books, cards, tear-off calendars, and other cool products.
  9. A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage
  10. Breathe Mama, Breathe: 5 Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms by Shonda Moralis

For Kids:

  1. A Little God Time for Kids
  2. One- Minute Devotions for Girls
  3. Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids

For Couples:

  1. A Little God Time for Couples

Final Thoughts

Any good daily inspirational books on your bedside table? Please share them with me.  I love hearing what others are doing.

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