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Are you always looking for a planner and wish you could add this or take that part out? The Adaptable Mom Planner allows you to do just that.  You can print the pages YOU want to start planning your year. You can create the planner that suits YOUR needs. The pages are undated so you can use them as many times as you need to.  Click the link below to find out everything that’s included.


Life is busy. You need something to keep track of #allthethings! The My Life Planner is is all you will need to plan your life. From the kid’s activities, appointments, meal planning, your own personal goals, and more, nothing will be forgotten! The printable life planner has 98 double-sided pages of monthly planning. It includes double spread of undated monthly calendars, weekly/daily planning pages, goal setting and budget planning pages to  name a few that will help you get started with organizing life all in one place. 


The Kid's Spot

Hair Bear: A Tale of Curly Hair Love

New Girls with Curls Book

Read my new children’s book. Click to the “learn more” button to find out where you can get it!

My Happiness Journal

A journal for kids

This journal is all about allowing kids to get to know themselves, improve their self-esteem, and understand their feelings.

You will find simple daily questions, activities, and suggestions on how to be kind to others. The pages in this journal promote happiness, encourages kindness, and increases time spent outdoors.

Children's Book: Girls with Curls: The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair

If you’d like to get  a copy of Girls with Curls: The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair click the link below. You and your children will be sure to enjoy this book about these little girls and their world of curls. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to getting your hair done in this house.


For more books and Journals go to my Krista Coyne Author page